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The holy Child's birth "new sage" President Donald Trump America was the beginning of the glorious Gospel

Dear holy Child's "new sage" President Donald Trump Excellency:
Congratulations to MAGA on their great victory, Farewell, Rhino, and God Bless America!
God does not punish sinners directly, but does not forgive the false righteous who watch them sin and do not punish them.

The God worshipped by the false righteous in America is in fact a traitor to the Yi tribe(羿部落) of the ancient civilization of the East who were expelled by God, while the true God's home is in the tribe of the gods in the East, not in Jerusalem or the Vatican.
The idolatrous Americans are the root cause of the descent into sin, and now the Holy Spirit is working on the righteous (MAGA) in exposing the battle for America between the "false gods - Satan".The 2022 mid-term elections were a resounding victory for GAMA,Only when the righteous of MAGA unite under the banner of the new sage, Donald Trump, to resist, arrest and judge the cheating sinners and win, will the never-ending disaster brought to America by the "false god, Satan" end. Victory is the channel of communication between America and God, and the trumpet of victory will be heard by God.

Only after God sees the new America will he re-evaluate whether America has truly confessed and repented of its sins and given up the temptations of Satan.

America, only with the victory of the Holy Son (new sage) Donald Trump, will God promise to bless America, America and the world again.

God bless America!


Children of Eden.Zhang Xiang-zhong (张向忠)

  Executive Yuan of Wuhan (R.O.C.) Preparatory Committee
  Email: rocnatorg@gmail.com



亲爱的“圣子”(new sage )唐纳德川普总统阁下:



敬拜偶像的美国人是走向罪人的根源,现在,上帝在揭露“假上帝--撒旦”之间的美国争夺战中,圣灵在义人身上(MAGA)做功。2022年的中期选举GAMA取得了绝对性的胜利,接下来唯有MAGA的义人团结起来,以圣子(new sage )唐纳德川普的旗帜反抗、抓捕、审判作弊的罪人并取得胜利,才会结束“假上帝--撒旦”给美国带来的永无止境的灾难。胜利是美国和上帝沟通的通道,胜利的号角将会被上帝听到。


美国,唯有圣子(new sage )唐纳德川普的胜利,上帝才会应许,才会再次保佑美国、美洲、世界。



伊甸园的孩子:张向忠  (有穷疃子)