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Forming an alliance of mutual love, and a program of compensation for the deceased of Japan Wuhan pneumonia &The Chinese are not desperate for democracy but for faith

The Honorable德仁天皇陛下:

I am asking you for your advice with an apprehensive heart.

My Chinese friends and I founded New Citizens Movement China, which is promoting Chinese Build Citizen-Centered Governments,Promote China towards democracy in Taiwan.

陛下, I was born in the celestial being tribe of ancient China, called the Garden of Eden in the Old Testament, located in the village of Xian (Read xian), seven miles south of the city of Qufu in today's Shandong Province.

The ancestors of the Li-Min people are the brothers of the Chinese Sun Gog - "Gong" who worship the "Heaven" and "Earth" with the rising of the morning sun.

I and Japan's 徳仁/なるひと天皇陛下is brotherDuring the great Asian drought 4800 years ago, the nomadic Xuan Yuan clan from the Kunlun Mountains in Xinjiang invaded the Yan Di tribe in Baoji, Shaanxi. The Yandi is a tribe of the Jiu Li Alliance, the head of the alliance stationed in Qufu, Shandong Province, where I was born. After receiving a letter of distress, the Sun God, the head of the Jiu Li Alliance went to support.

the Yellow Emperor tribe, which was defeated and fled to Zhangjiakou in Hebei. At this time, the Jiu Li Alliance military division mutiny, in the late "Zhuo Lu battle" compelled archer "Yi" sneak attack shot dead alliance master (Hou Yi Shot Down the Suns Story Prototype, Hou Yi is Yi's descendants), the Jiu Li Alliance defeat and division.

Xuanyuan became the new ally of the Jiu Li Alliance, the first time on record that a nomadic people ruled China. The former alliance leader "Gong" was the common master of mankind and had 99 brothers. In Qufu, there were troops of the alliance's imperial army "Fusang", who were loyal to the alliance. Although the old Lord died, they were unwilling to surrender. When "Xuanyuan" moved into the celestial being tribe, the, they left their hometown from Rizhao and took a boat south to Taiwan, and after many years of rest and recuperation, they chased the morning sun to Japan.

The ancestor of the Emperor of Japan, Amaterasu (あまてらす), and the Chinese sun god "Gong" were blood brothers and worshipped the sun together. The Fuso brothers arrived in Japan via Taiwan and inherited the culture of worshipping the Sun God. Thanks to the geography of the Japanese islands, the Chinese culture of the ancient times has been preserved be Japanese.

The reason why the Chinese people lost their worship of the heavens is that In addition to the "Cutting off the transport between heaven and earth" Cultural Revolution launched by Zhuan Xu, the grandson of Xuanyuan cruelly The massacre of "Sacrifice"who conducted the "the worship of ancestors" ceremony,Burned all the documents of Chinese civilization before 5000 years.

More seriously, after the Han Dynasty Dismissed the hundred schools, revere only the Confucian, there was a cultural revolution that lasted 2000 years. Confucianism relied on imperial power to promote the Yellow Emperor/Emperor, and belittled the Chinese sun god "Gong", the father of Qin Shi Huang's ancestor Shao Hao, and wrote about the common lord of mankind as a worm(Chi You). Confucianism's cultural cleansing was made possible by the availability of paper and the printing press during the Han Dynasty, which facilitated the dissemination of the names of the occupiers.

The Cultural Revolution launched by the CCP in the last century, because of the existence of Taiwan today and the popularity of the Internet, allowed the CCP to lack a basketful -- work not completed.

The Sanxingdui site, discovered by archaeology in Sichuan, belongs to the culture of the Jiu Li Alliance, Witness the history of Chinese and Japanese worship of the Sun God.

I am a brother to His Holiness the Dalai Lama. After Xuanyuan became the new leader of the Jiu Li Alliance, the " bod pa" ancestors, brothers of the Chinese sun god "Gong", like their Fusang brothers, did not want to accept foreign domination and broke away from the Jiu Li Alliance about 4,600 years ago to develop their own culture.

I am sister and brother with President Tsai Ing-wen. At the end of the "Battle of Zhuo Lu", the archer "Yi" killed the Chinese sun god "Gong" in a sneak attack, and the Jiu Li alliance was defeated and divided. Chang'e, Yi's wife, was so indignant at her husband's betrayal of the tribe that she refused to continue living with the traitor and resolutely followed the "Fusang" brothers to their wanderings. Chang'e first reached Taiwan when she ran to the moon.

"Tui Bei Tu" no 42: the "Photo" has a small white rabbit and a woman, which means the moon.

Chu Chen and I are brother and sister. After the nomadic Xuan Yuan of the Kunlun Mountains in Xinjiang ruled China, his descendants used to call the Chinese aborigines "Si Yi" in history, the starting point of which is the rebellion of the people. The nomadic Xuanyuan clan ruled China, and in the time of his descendant "Qi", who was driven away by the people of Qufu in Shandong Province, he fled to Anyang in Henan Province and relied on several of his tribes to establish the Xia Dynasty. "Qi" hated the people who rebelled against him, so he degraded the Chinese aborigines to Siyi nationality.

Xi Jinping was born in Xirong nationality, whose ancestor was Shao Hao, Shaohao whose father was the sun god "Gong". The nomadic Xuanyuan clan became the new allies and appointed Shao Hao, the young son of "Gong", as the vice allies in order to appease the Revolt people. Shao Hao raised Zhuan Xu, the grandson of the Yellow Emperor, for 18 years. Zhuan Xu staged a coup and forced Shao Hao to move west to Shaanxi, where his descendants established the state of Qin, which is known in India as Chini, today's China.

Peng Liyuan was born in the Dongyi tribe, the source of Chinese civilization is Fuxi, Mother "Huaxu" gave birth to Fuxi in Leizhe, Leize is today's Heze.

Chu Chen represents the southern barbarians, the southern barbarians refer to Wu, Yue, Chu and the three Miao, the largest state of Chu, the history of Chu as the representative of the southern barbarians. In ancient times, the southern people called themselves the Baiyue nation, representing the 99 brothers of the Chinese sun god "Gong".

"Tui Bei Tu" The Great Prophecies of China Poem no.44: The sun and the moon are beautiful in the sky, the crowd stopped rebeling, The sun is as fulgent as the moon, the sky is as old as the earth" means the "moon" of Taiwan and the "sun" of the mainland. The sun is as fulgent as the moon, the sky is as old as the earth" means that Taiwan's "moon" and the mainland's "sun" are one Family.

As long as the mainland returns to the Republic of China, the mainlanders will have freedom and democracy and enjoy the same social welfare as the Taiwanese. Therefore, what mainlanders desperately need is not democracy but the worship of God.

Chu Chen's presence is an olive branch given by God to Xi Jinping,  Chu Chen who was appointed by the new democratically elected government as Vice Premier to oversee the protection of the person and property of Chinese Communist Party members in the early days of Chinese democracy.

What I love about the CCP is PERSONAL. Communism is a modern cult that has brought disaster to the world, including the Chinese people. Chinese people have a chance to return to their true nature if they get rid of their communist beliefs.

A CCP member is like a Wuhan person infected with Wuhan pneumonia who needs the help of a doctor, and after eliminating the virus the person recovers. Therefore, healing and saving people is not eliminating the body of a CCP member person.

After declaring CCP an illegal organization, the As long as CCP members are willing to receive treatment and give up their communist beliefs, I should love them, give them respect and protect their private property.

The Administrative Preparatory Committee of the Republic of China (Wuhan) believes that the private property of CCP members under US$2 million should be protected unconditionally, and that the excess should be property publicized and personal income tax paid after there is no objection and the property enjoys the protection of the law. Let 80% of CCP members participate in the democratic process in China with confidence.

CCP members are also Chinese people. With love, save CCP members, and a democratic China will be a member of the peaceful and civilized world. Chinese people will have a future only if they love each other.

I love Fuso Brothers in Japan: 陛下, China needs your Instruction to restore the Republic of China, and I am writing this letter to first express my condolences to my Fuso Brothers in Japan and sisters who have died of pneumonia contracted in Wuhan. At the same time, the Administrative Preparatory Committee of the Republic of China (Wuhan) is willing to pay compensation.

Chinese Communist business spies/investments and corrupt officials have stashed huge amounts of assets overseas; Edward Snowden broke the news that These assets amount to $5 trillion. The mainland's democratically elected parliament will recover these assets through international judicial proceedings and divide these confiscated assets in half. 50% of the average international compensation to compensate Fuso Brothers in Japan COVID-19 victims, and the other half back to the Chinese people.

陛下, now that I can't see as well as I can, I soonhave to use my cane, but I can also see the meaning of heaven:

His Holiness the Dalai Lama compassionate,

who inherited the Chinese Sun God culture His Majesty徳仁天皇陛下,

moon Tsai Ing-wen who is the President of the Republic of China,

the brothers and sisters of "Chuchen" who worship the rising sun,

Save America” of the Donald J. Trump 45th President of the United States,

We can only have peace in East Asia if we love each other.

We all know it is a difficult journey and our personal life journey to get East Asia together, with His Majesty your Instruction we are confident of success.

I made some efforts.

I traveled to Taiwan in April 2017, Although my application for political asylum in Taiwan was repatriated, I still through limited information and legends from my hometown, I identified three treasures of Taiwan as.

1. the Chang'e Runs to the Moon, the aboriginal people who chased the sun to reach Taiwan in ancient times.

2,"gentlemen and thieves cannot coexist"of the ROC military,

3. the historical documents of the National Palace Museum in Taipei.

In September 2017, I went into exile in Malaysia to study the politics and governance of a multi-ethnic country and to find answers to the beliefs, education, and political participation of Xinjiang people in post-democratic China.

In 2020,  basically completed my research and agreed with Lin Lianyu's principle of " Multiple Living, Prosper together".

My itinerary for December 2021 is India to worship bend the kn His Holiness the Dalai Lama and to seek the possibility of Tibet remaining in the Republic of China and Become a Hong Kong of Buddhism, Central Tibetan Administration has the status of a Hong Kong SAR.

I hope to visit Japan in 2022. However, it is not easy to get a visa to Japan with a mainland passport, so I hope to get an invitation letter from you so that I can have the opportunity to go and study Japanese culture. It is true that if/when I can also get Japanese diplomatic aid/cultural exchange travel support,NGO or your personal small grant support,I will be very grateful.Sincerely.

Executive Yuan of Wuhan (R.O.C.) Preparatory Committee

(New Citizens Movement China)

SecretariatZhang Xiang-zhong (张向忠)

Email: rocnatorg@gmail.com

Tel:  60169305785

Web: www.rocnat.org








黄帝成为了九黎联盟的新盟主,是有记录的,游牧民族第一次统治中华。前盟主 “供”是人类的共主,他有99个兄弟。曲阜驻扎着太阳神供的御林军“扶桑”部队,他们忠于盟主。虽然老盟主死了也不愿意投降,当黄帝入住神仙部落后,他们毅然离开了家乡从日照出发乘船向南到达了台湾,修养生息很多年后追赶晨起的太阳到达了日本。




















中共在海外有投资,腐败官员也在海外藏匿了大量腐败的资产, 斯诺登爆料称,这些资产高达5万亿美元。大陆民选的议会将通过国际司法程序收回这些资产,并将这些没收的资产一分为二。 50%中的国际赔偿的平均数来补偿藏族的 COVID-19 受害者,另一半还给中国人民。